To give you a feel for our style of food, we’ve included a few sample menus below. All of our catering options are fully customisable, so you can tailor the details to suit your wedding, party or event.


Sharing Menu

Below is just a small excerpt from our extensive sharing menu. Please get in touch if you would like to view our full range of options.

All of these dishes can be served as a buffet or on the table in big sharing bowls and platters for guests to help themselves.

We’ve also got a comprehensive canapé menu and we do gorgeous grazing platters as a pre-dinner alternative to canapés - with delicious antipasti or cured or smoked fish options - so it’s well worth getting in touch for a look at a full, up-to-date menu.



Slow roast shoulder of lamb with preserved lemons, rosemary and garlic

Venison Stew with red wine, garlic and rosemary (seasonal)

8 hour rare fillet of beef, served thickly sliced

Slow roast marinated brisket of beef with a sticky balsamic and molasses glaze

Seared venison haunch with redcurrant jelly (seasonal)

Herb encrusted lamb cutlets with blackberry and balsamic drizzle

Lamb stew with rosemary dumplings



West coast langoustines served in the shell with garlic butter

Whole or sides of salmon wrapped in foil and roasted with lemon, garlic, butter and green herbs, or with chilli, cherry tomatoes and coriander

Large bowls of steamed mussels in either Thai broth, or white wine, garlic, cream and fennel

Home hot smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraiche (served cold)

Scallops and streaky bacon served with black pudding crumble and lemon wedges, with pea purée, chilli and mint, or just simply pan fried with butter, parsley and a few capers



Roast onion, nut and stilton wellington with mustard cream sauce

Mushroom and pecan pie served with button and field mushrooms, and pecans in a rich wine sauce, topped with puff pastry

Whole grilled Portobello mushrooms with melted Camembert and a rosemary and nut crust

Mediterranean roast vegetable and chickpea stew cooked in tomato and white wine broth with smoked paprika and fresh herbs

Mushroom and walnut stroganoff. Chestnut mushrooms cooked in a rich tomato and wine sauce, finished with toasted walnuts and soured cream



Pear, blue cheese & toasted pecan salad with celery, cucumber and rocket dressed with lemon and olive oil

Roast sweet potatoes with smoked paprika and garlic dressing, fresh coriander, toasted seeds and burnt aubergine and yoghurt drizzle

Tomato salad, made with cherry and plum tomatoes, fresh green herbs, red onion slivers, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

Large green salad with mixed leaves, toasted seeds, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion and herbs with a classic vinaigrette

Pearl barley with roast beetroot, red onion and carrots with chilli and coriander dressing


Hot Sides

Roast whole baby potatoes, with sea salt or tossed in harrisa and cumin

Carrots roast in fresh coriander and cumin

Grilled courgettes and broccoli with fresh lemon, sea salt and black pepper

Roast root vegetables with rosemary and garlic

Kale and Savoy cabbage braised with garlic and butter



Giant pavlova with fresh seasonal fruit and thickened cream

Tiramisu layer cake – a refined take on an old classic

Sticky toffee and date pudding with hot caramel and home made custard

Pears poached in orange and beetroot with cheese cake cream

Rich chocolate mousse tart with thickened vanilla cream and raspberries


Please note: the above is just a small excerpt from our extensive sharing menu, so please get in touch if you would like to view our full range of options.


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