Our Suppliers

Here at Reagan Hallett Catering, quality is paramount and we have a great deal of  trust in our suppliers. We take pride in sourcing an abundance of quality, local ingredients for our feasts. Scotland, and particularly Glasgow, has a wonderful, deeply rooted food network, meaning our local suppliers source and import only the finest, freshest ingredients Britain and Europe has to offer.

Our meat comes from local producers where possible and we can source really great organic produce if you’d like, while our fish come directly from the boats if possible or from a selection of reputable fishmongers. There are some wonderful Scottish cheese producers that we like to use along side the finest from the rest of the UK and Europe. We get these from our cheesemonger I.J. Mellis in Glasgow. Our vegetable suppliers work closely with trusted sources to ensure our food is of the highest quality and most importantly, fresh!

Alternatively, if you happen to rear your own produce, fish or grow your own vegetables, we’ve been asked on many occasions to include these in clients celebrations. We’re happy to and it’s always exciting to get the best out of great ingredients that you’ve had a hand in producing!


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